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Glass eyed guys sell silver and gold.

im leaving for florida to go see caileigh on christmas day. i know it is a bit risque and my family hates me for it but it was the only flight available. ive been to many concerts in the month of december. going to shows is way more fun that going to "the gal". i think im going to every the accident will show with ian and cristina. its a sick ritual. it would be even better if christ could drive because we wouldnt have to bum rides off of our parents. id rather take the fucking comm rail because regaurdless of the day, child, or parent, they always start yelling at eachother. i like the accident will a lot now. they are also rediculously nice guys. i cannot wait to see caileigh. i miss that hoe like food during fasting. maybe ill get a small tan. im sickly pale compared to the rest of my family. im always really tired regaurdless of how long i sleep. my face is always sunken. i hope i regain the glow i once had in my face. maybe it will come back once i see caileigh. OH i almost forgot. the brand new concert was awesome. i got kicked in the head and knocked out for like 3 minutes.


caileigh is my best friend and sometimes the only one who actually understand the ridiculous shit that comes out of that garbage dispoasal which is my mouth. we went to the fall out boy concert last night. it was awesome. i got punched in the face while moshing. its pure ecstasy. the fact that im not bruising is pretty awesome too considering what has happend in other mosh pits.but back to the black, she is the most like me in the whole group and i just get the feeling when i say the sentence "you know when this happens dont you feel like this" nobody will understand. you cannot buy models like these anymore kiddies. its like your favorite discontinued action figure or perfume.

one person has been making me want to vomit in disgust lately. everything that comes out of their mouth is just sour milk. i cant hear it any more. my ears are infected with that persons fucking lies. is offensive, its disgusting, don't stick your face near me.

Caileigh Minihan is a true friend. i'll never worry about her talking behind my back or being bitchy. shes just one of a kind, shes a sparkle amoung the dirt. shes the impulse you have that tells you youre amazing every day. shes the princess in a sea of awkwards. she is unbelievable indescribable and unmimicable. she an original copy.

writing this put tears in my eyes knowing you wont be there after history class everyday to make my day a little bit brighter when i feel like i cant do it anymore. youre the one who showed me things can work out sometimes and that what the fuck is  more important than your friends?    NOTHING.

perhaps the romance is dead

oh heyy there. yeah its me. i am that girl in your class who sits back and makes abnoxous remarks about everything. you know you love it too. if i was not there who whould you have to make you feel better about getting shitty marks on math tests, because baby, i get zeros you get 60's. youre going to harvard. im going to bunker hill. but really i dont give a shit about school.

it has been brought to la mia attentione that caileigh then rock minihan will be leaving us in 28 days. i say to you caileigh, stop leaving after school everyday and live a little. i will not see you until dicembre and everyone else till the summer. be a bad ass starting....... NOW. 

Hey girls and boys, did you hear about that little kitty causing all the mischief and mayhem.....? yeah thats caileigh minihan. shes a certified bad ass mother fucker. that stupid fuck up of a chick taylor sco taught caileigh her ways. i hear she punches people and takes sixies lunches and lights them on fire. she really made a mark on bls before she left. 

that was a flashforward. caileigh. to your thing. oh and by the by...... not one little fucker, not matter how cool, rich, hot, or hilarious anyone is. they will not replace caileigh from the original inner o which is


no exceptions to this absolute rock solid rule.

                                     see you in my dreamms




lets get fucked up and die

school is really suckish but at the end of the day its awesome. i have no classes with anyone that i hang out with on a daily basis cept andy vo. i love him but i was expecting more. DO BZIES EVEN FUCKING GO TO BLS? i think its a lie to get us not to leave after 8th grade. i only have a few more weeks with my favorite caileigh and i might die without her.anna claire is ALSO MOVING to north carolina. yeah i said it. north carolina. what. the. fuck.??my teachers are ok i guess cept for chavero and mitchell.... i hope this year turn out better because right now.........i dont even know. i so tired all of the timee.... i have nothing more to write cept i told someone somthing that i probably shouldnt have.


fuck school.

i fucking hate all of my classes and im fucking done.my parents might make me transfere into winthrop high. i just dont fucking know.

im stuck on your bedroom floor 

i feel like everyones waiting for another person to post and then they will start posting again.

so here

i wish caileigh could stay with me forever. ive never even fought with her i love her so much if she was a guy. i do her.

but ya know florida is WAYYYYYY cooler than boston (about as cool as i am)

if florida was my cousin. it would be the annoining one addicted to heroin thats in and out of rehab and always asking for money. and how could you say no?


cruel intentions.

boy i love cruel intentions. ryan phillipi is so god damn seductive and sarah michelle gellar is such a sex whore, and i love it. ahhhhh anyway florida was ok, chris is sexy and woo was it hot(not as hot as we were) im pretty tan so thats awesome,

im seriouslt having a really tough time thinking about going back to school. im terrified. i have to speak with the units about caileigh staying with us because im not losing a friend over that hick ridden state of florida. even if hotties do live there. but seriously fuck that. shes not going anywhere.

im so excited about what i heard while watching comic con. they are making a sequal to the covenant, transformers and sin city too. im so happy about that

i cannot wait until the 17th. i will love life then and there.

ive been out of my body
ive been through the palm trees
ive smelt california in sweet hypocrycy

i wake my nose to smell that ocean burn

back in black

i have returned to the us  i dont count florida because people down there are still rutting for the confederacy.


i dont really care

im just here to tell you im breathing. i just dont feel like writing about my life. or anything else.

my brother said i act like luna lovegood. i take that as a complement.